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EVEryOne NEEDs a cheeR

It’s time to bring Canada extra CHEER! Light a spark. Bring the fun. Energize the soul. Share the smiles, all of ‘em! We need it. Everyone does. Let's share our pride, hearts, and emotions and increase our overall well-being by sharing cheer! 

Mission: Cameron Hughes has spent his life igniting the best of the human spirit at events worldwide. Now, he’s going on a cross-Canada tour to bring passion, fun, and energy to your local schools, stadiums, bookstores, boardrooms, farm fields, town squares, and everywhere in between; nationwide. Overall mental wellness is on a constant roller coaster like never before, with the numbers showing people are feeling more isolated and less connected than ever. This tour will bring a much-needed boost to them all. A much-needed CHEER!


ENAC School Cheer is here, bringing the cheer to our youth with a high-energy program focused on spirit, chasing your dreams, and confidence. And yes, plenty of fun games, videos, dancing, and shouting!


High schools will be the primary focus, with a few meet-and-greets at the University level. We’ll be hosting a minimum of two school events per province.

We aim to give a copy of Cameron’s book—King of Cheer—to every student. We will inspire our youth, encourage them to read, and help them believe in their dreams.

Have your company/organization donate copies of Cameron's book, King of Cheer, to every student across our journey! A % of sponsorship will additionally raise funds for X - Wellness/Health/ Mental Group. We will partner with different cities' foundations, charities, and events to raise funds and awareness as we cross Canada. If you’re having a charity run, meeting, or event, call us; we’re in! 


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