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king of cheer audiobook


A behind-the-scenes tour of the King of Cheer's fantastic journey—with narration by Cameron Hughes, with over 20 additional special guests voicing their stories, including Terry O’Reilly (Host of Under the Influence), Craig Leipold (Minnesota Wild) Sports Executives from David Shoemaker, to Amanda & Jonny Greco. King of Cheer is the story of a man on a mission to bring the world more laughs, smiles, fun, and cheer!


If you’re a sports fan or have been on the internet, there’s a good chance you’ve seen Cameron Hughes do his thing: firing up an entire arena full of fans via questionable dance moves, free t-shirts, and a seemingly endless supply of enthusiastic energy. After all, he’s the world’s only professional crowd igniter. You read that right.

Over the past two decades, Cameron’s worked the aisles and brought smiles to sporting events worldwide, from the Olympics to the NHL and NBA Finals. KING of CHEER is the inspirational tale of how it all came to be. He’s cracked up Roger Federer, had a center-court dance-off with Novak Djokovic at the US Open, and somehow rode shotgun in Cleveland’s NBA championship parade with Machine Gun Kelly.

And you don't have to be a sports fan to love this book. You’ll discover how a big kid from Canada got cut from his high school basketball team but went on to bring fans to their feet across the globe - including five NBA Finals in a row. Cameron overcame a lot of adversity along the way: dealing with ADHD, failing out of college (as class president!), massive rejection as he tried to “make it,” and most devastatingly, the tragic loss of his mom, his biggest cheerleader, while in high school.

Cameron never gave up. With the loving support of friends and family, he got up, showed up, and took risks to follow his vision. Using his unorthodox brand of connecting and inspiring people, he ignited people at the world's highest-profile sporting events, corporate events, and charitable causes.

At its heart, KING of CHEER is a transcendent celebration of the human spirit. In his words, "I hope my story will inspire you to cheer a little louder, smile a little wider, dance a little crazier, contribute to your team, be fearless, and most importantly, to GET and become your biggest fan. I'm thrilled to take you on my journey!"

And yes, they are short stories! Enjoy!



Terry o'reilly

Speaker and author. Host of "Under the Influence" on CBC Radio One.



King of Cheer: Stories of Getting Up, Showing Up, and Never Giving Up From the World’s Most Electrifying Crowd Ignitor is available now!



If you want to see sports from a really different angle, see it through the eyes of Cameron Hughes and his journey, I think you will have fun with this. To go from an Ottawa Senators game to literally entertaining crowds around the globe, I would hope that this would inspire you to move, go and do whatever it is that you do."

★★★★★ — Amazon

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