Cameron Hughes is the world's most renowned sports and entertainment fan. His relentless optimism, infectious cheering, and unbridled dance moves have delighted and energized thousands of crowds worldwide.

Hughes began his career as a professional sports personality at an Ottawa Senators NHL hockey game on January 8th, 1994. Disappointed by the uninspired crowd, he jumped up on his seat and began dancing with no inhibitions. Fans took notice, and soon the arena was abuzz. Since that fateful night, he's performed at over 1,500 sporting events, in 22 different sports leagues, for over 18 million people live, transforming the in-game experience for fans and players alike. To his high school guidance counsellor's amazement, highlights of Cameron's performances have been viewed online over 1 billion times.

Outside of sports stadiums, Cameron inspires others through public speaking engagements at leadership and sales events, conference kickoffs, and student workshops. His passion to see people smile, to connect with others, and to bring communities together is what drives him to be his best self.



"As an educator for more than 43 years, I have come in contact with thousands of students from every walk of life. There has never been anyone like him, nor, I submit, will there ever be!"

— Barrie Laughton,

Cameron's High School Guidance Counselor

Cameron Hughes

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