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Every time Cameron is booked to give a talk, the goal is always the same: to energize the room and leave people feeling inspired by his stories. He gives two set talks, and after discussing the group's objectives, he adds a personalized extra flavour to ensure we meet the client's goals. Below are some examples. 


Goal: Closing keynote speaker for Conclave 2022, a three-day educational conference for members of the American Gem Society. Inspire attendees and reignite their energy so that attendees leave with renewed energy and spirit ready to instill all the lessons learned during Conclave 2022. 

Action: Come in from the back of the room and bring the energy and fun up by getting 580 people on their feet dancing, clapping, and singing along. We shared laughs, and heartfelt moments.  We asked everyone in the room- what’s the ONE thing in your life you’ve always wanted to get up for, but haven’t yet,...

Result: We engaged the audience with interactive questions, had an epic dance contest, and ended with Malcolm sharing the best example of the POWER OF CHEER!


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